Students wishing to complete their theory study for their license will require the appropriate study books, maps and equipment regardless of whether they choose to study on their own or attend a theory course.

There are a some companies which produce helicopter specific study packages. These items can be purchased online.
Please see the information below for details on various suppliers:

Advanced Flight Theory
Provide PPL(H) and CPL(H) packages as well as access to practice exams.
Provide a PPL(H) package

Ron Newman Online Aviation Theory
Provides a fully online theory package.


There are 3 Helicopter/Aeroplane common exams. These are Meteorology, Human Factors and Navigation.
Below are details of further companies that also provide textbooks for these common subjects.

Aviation Theory Centre
Provide textbooks for Meteorology, Human Factors and Navigation subjects.

Ground Effect
Provides practice exam books for Meteorology, Human Factors and Navigation subjects.