Pilot Aid started as an idea when our Managing Director was completing her Commercial Helicopter License and found that getting through the theory components on her own was not a easy task.

Not having the spare time and ability to attend a Full Time Ground School, the idea of providing a alternative that could be structured to fit with other personal commitments of students was formed.

The First Aid training that is planned to commence in 2019 came about after hearing from many senior pilots talk about emergency landings and accidents where the pilot and/or passengers have been in remote or isolated areas and had to wait for extended periods of time for medical attention.

It became apparent that there was an area of safety that could be improved upon within the helicopter industry and aviation in general. Especially when working away from a home base or in remote and isolated areas.

With a medical background and many years working in instructional roles, developing a course to fit a small market of students who are unable to attend a Full Time Ground school, and establishing a First Aid training program for aviation specialising in Remote Area First Aid are niche areas that the Pilot Aid company sees as being of benefit in both providing assistance to up and coming pilots as well as helping to improve safety within the industry.